Freelance designer based
in 213 Los Angeles.

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Eddie Bong is an artist and designer whose fearless and energetic approach have shown him steadfastly creating an exciting body of work that is entirely his own. Taking design into new domain, his talents have us in a splendidly colorful daze.

Incorporating illustration, graphic design and motion design, Bong traverses various platforms of communication as a freelance designer. While having grown up in America and currently based in Los Angeles, California, Bong is of Korean descent and was born in China, and his “multicultural upbringing peeks through the work,” he explains.

His work reaches a wide range of fields, from traditional graphic design, to more artistic digital illustration works, whilst even designing titles and visuals for feature films. Cleverly conceptual, Bong’s work feels warm and is often even thermal in its appearance - his ability to blend and shape colors into interesting abstract or figurative works quite unmatched.

Totally stimulating, his creations seem to require a double take, stopping you in your tracks. Partly due to their visual brilliance while partly in trying to decipher what exactly is going on within the work, as Bong incorporates play with distortions, collage and warped effects. A style that is filled with life, it’s clear Eddie Bong’s work is a strong labor of love.